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Embrace the Melodic Magic: Greatman's "WORSHIP SZN" Unveiled!


The 'wildest' thing is when you assume to know someone so well only for them to show you a different side of them. Well, that's the case of 'Greatman Ademola Takit' popularly known as 'Melody Man' and 'Greatee' by His fans. 


Sororosly, Greatman seems to have started off His career as a Worshipper but His Afrogospel hits and Rap tracks seem to have shot him in the spotlight (no wonder a lot are surprised by this supposedly new version of Him).


If at this point you are lost and don't know who the 'heaven' we are talking about, don't worry we will tell you. 

Greatman is an Afrogospel Artist from Nigeria in Africa who through the course of his career has shared with the world a version of music she never knew she needed. 


His songs have been accepted and loved by many in both the Christian and secular community; so it's safe to say that 'His songs have no limit' (on a lighter note though).


His songs and releases have gone through different ranges and times in the Afrogospel space but sometime in 2022, He released the 'Look What You've Done' single and that was where People started paying attention and realized he was great at worship songs too.

He went ahead to do a remix for the said song with '121 Selah' where his rap side also found expression.  


Well, one would think He was done and that could be all to Him not until he dropped a bomb announcing on the 15th of January, 2024 his newest project which was a Worship EP. 


According to Him, He has been working on the songs on the EP for years and after several attempts of release He was ready to share it with the world. The reaction from His fans got a lot wondering 'the wizard's of a man He has been.


Greatman happens to have found expressions in rap, spokenword poetry and Afro music so where on earth would a worship EP be coming from?. Well, let's say He eventually shocked everyone after He released bombshells on the 17th and 22nd of January, 2024 which were two tracks off the EP titled 'Amen Amen' and 'Laughter'.


Eventually on the 26th of January, He dropped the entire EP and it's safe to say that the feedback from his fans has gone over the roof.


You should a look at some of them;




As if that wasn't enough, on the first day of release, the Album went from top 37 to top 3 in the list of Gospel songs in Nigeria (all thanks to the Energy Community).



And just before the end of that day, it went from top 3 to no 1 alongside 'Heaven Has Come' by TY Bello making it two Artists from Energize Music leading the charts.


The EP 'Worship SZN' has eight fantastic songs, and it lasts for a happy 1 hour and 6 minutes. That's not all; it's like a 'revival meeting' as three other amazing artists joined the session! They are the special guests on tracks 4, 5, and 7. Say hello to Prospa Ochimana, Grace Nelson, and Moses Bliss. Every track is to make your devotion wholesome and to keep your altar burning. 


And from the look of things, we might as well expect a 'Worship SZN' tour from Greatman

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